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Our client, a hospitality management company, faced significant challenges in integrating various data endpoints and managing data for different services, including government and fiscal agencies. The existing system required manual data handling and lacked seamless integration capabilities, resulting in inefficiencies and errors in data reporting and management.

To address these challenges, the company needed a solution that could authenticate, pull, convert, and upload data efficiently and accurately across multiple services and endpoints.


We developed custom integrations for the client's Hospitality Management System, ensuring seamless data management and reporting. This custom web development solution involved implementing authentication using API keys, pulling necessary data from various Cloudbeds endpoints, and converting the extracted data into predefined formats.

For government integration, we posted data to the Czech Police website via the SOAP interface. For fiscal service integration, data was posted to the M3 service via REST API. Finally, the transformed data was uploaded back to the user's property using the appropriate endpoint.

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Authentication Using API Keys

We implemented secure authentication using API keys, ensuring that data access and transactions are secure and authorized.

Data Extraction from Cloudbeds Endpoints

The platform efficiently pulls necessary data from various Cloudbeds endpoints, facilitating seamless data integration and management.

Data Conversion to Predefined Formats

Extracted data is converted into the appropriate predefined formats, ensuring compatibility with various services and endpoints.

Government Integration via SOAP Interface

For government integration, we posted data to the Czech Police website using the SOAP interface, ensuring compliance and accurate data reporting.

Fiscal Service Integration via REST API

Data was posted to the M3 service via REST API, streamlining fiscal document submission and enhancing efficiency.

Our results

Streamlined Process for Uploading Statistics and Fiscal Documents: The integration successfully streamlined the process for uploading statistics and fiscal documents, reducing manual intervention and errors.

Increased Data Accuracy and Reporting Efficiency: The solution increased data accuracy and reporting efficiency, ensuring reliable and timely data submissions.

Enhanced Data Management for Various Services: The platform improved data management for several services, including:

- Belgium/Portugal/Germany/Switzerland Tourism Statistics service

- Czech Police service

- M3 fiscal service

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