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Specializes in custom software development, SaaS, MVP, PWA, online marketplace/platform development, and CRM/ERP implementation, providing tailored services to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth for your business.

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Understanding the unique challenges faced by startups and SMEs, we leverage our expertise in IT outsourcing to create impactful, cost-effective digital solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Choosing Neural Dynamics means partnering with a passionate IT outsourcing company

Dedicated to empower your business and driving success. Experience the difference – together, let's create cutting-edge digital solutions that elevate your brand and transform your market presence.

Neural Dynamics — full cycle outsourcing company

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Unleashing Your Business Potential with Our Unique Advantages

Transparent Communication

Stay informed and involved at every stage of the development process with our commitment to transparent communication. We provide regular updates and encourage collaboration, ensuring that your project stays on track and aligned with your vision.

End-to-End Project Management

Experience the ease of our full-cycle development process, which covers everything from discovery and design to launch and post-launch support. With our end-to-end project management, you can focus on your core business while we take care of your digital transformation journey.

Client-Centric Approach

Your success is our top priority. We adopt a client-centric approach to thoroughly understand your unique needs and objectives. Our tailored IT solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your business model, ensuring maximum value and long-term growth.


Tap into our wealth of knowledge and experience in custom software development, SaaS, MVP, and PWA solutions. Our skilled team of IT professionals is adept at utilizing cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional results. Partner with us and benefit from our expertise to propel your business forward.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Beyond project completion, we offer dedicated maintenance and support services to ensure your digital product remains at the forefront of your industry. Our team continuously monitors and fine-tunes your solution, providing updates and enhancements to guarantee optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Choose Neural Dynamics as your IT outsourcing partner and leverage our unique advantages to drive your business's success. Together, we can create innovative digital solutions that redefine your market presence and elevate your brand.

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Maksym Bil


Mykola Krykunov


Gleb Shelyakin


Pavlo Andrushkiv

Backend Developer

Maksym Lutsiuk

Middle Javascript Developer

Kateryna Kondiuk

UI/UX Designer

Illia Shpachenko


Alina Kipko

Project Manager

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