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Our client, a leading digital marketing agency, faced significant challenges in managing the ad approval process for their clients. The existing process was fragmented, with clients and creators using multiple tools to review, approve, and manage ad materials. This disjointed approach led to delays, inefficiencies, and a lack of clear communication, slowing down campaign launches and reducing overall productivity.

The need for a centralized platform to streamline the ad approval process was evident. The agency required a solution that would allow clients to preview, review, and approve all ad materials in one place, provide secure access, and facilitate seamless collaboration between clients and creators.


We developed a SaaS platform specifically designed for ad management and approval. This custom web development project focused on creating a user-friendly tool that streamlined the entire ad approval process. The platform allowed clients to quickly and easily approve banners, ads, and videos, all from a single interface.

Key features included a centralized hub for previewing and reviewing all ad materials, the ability to leave and receive feedback, and one-click approval and download options. The platform also provided password-protected access for clients, ensuring security and confidentiality. Additionally, a built-in collaboration system allowed clients and creators to communicate and work together efficiently within the platform.

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Quick and Easy Client Approval Process

The platform enables clients to approve ad materials quickly and easily, reducing delays and speeding up campaign launches.

Centralized Ad Preview and Review

Clients can preview and review all ads and videos in one place, streamlining the process and enhancing productivity.

Feedback and Approval System

The tool allows users to leave and receive feedback, approve, and download all banners in one click, simplifying the workflow and improving efficiency.

Password-Protected Client Access

We implemented secure, password-protected access for clients, ensuring that their ad materials remain confidential and secure.

Collaboration System

The platform includes a collaboration system that facilitates seamless communication between clients and creators, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Our results

Clients experienced a 50% reduction in the time taken to approve marketing materials, leading to faster campaign launches and improved time-to-market.

Users reported a 40% increase in productivity due to the centralized management of their ad materials, reducing the time spent switching between different tools.

The platform enabled a 25% time savings in cooperation with team members and clients by facilitating communication within the platform.

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