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Our client, a fintech startup, recognized the need for a comprehensive financial analytics platform that could provide real-time data-centric insights for equity ETFs. The existing tools in the market were insufficient, requiring significant manual intervention in the trading process and lacking seamless integration with payment gateways. Additionally, users needed a platform that could offer a real-time dashboard for financial analysis and be easily accessible on both smartphones and PCs.

To address these challenges, the startup sought a solution that would automate trading, integrate payment processing, and enhance user engagement through a progressive web app (PWA).


We developed a robust financial analytics platform tailored to the client's needs. This custom web development solution offered automated trading integration, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining the trading process. The platform provided data-centric insights specifically focused on equity ETFs, delivering valuable information to users in real-time.

Key features included a real-time dashboard for comprehensive financial analysis, integration with Stripe for seamless payment processing, and a pre-installed web app (PWA) for easy access on users’ smartphones and PCs. This comprehensive solution ensured that users could engage with the platform anytime and anywhere, enhancing their overall experience.

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Data-Centric Insights for Equity ETFs

The platform delivers detailed and real-time insights into equity ETFs, providing users with valuable information for making informed decisions.

Automated Trading Integration

By automating the trading process, the platform reduces the need for manual intervention by 40%, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

Real-Time Dashboard

The real-time dashboard offers comprehensive financial analysis, enabling users to monitor and analyze market trends and their portfolios effectively.

Stripe Integration

We integrated Stripe as the payment gateway, ensuring secure and efficient transaction processing, which reduced payment-related issues by 50%

Pre-Installed Web App (PWA)

The platform includes a progressive web app that is pre-installed on users’ smartphones and PCs, providing easy access and enhancing user engagement.

Our results

40% Reduction in Manual Trading Intervention: The automated trading integration streamlined the trading process, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention.

50% Decrease in Payment-Related Issues: Clients reported a significant decrease in payment-related issues and faster transaction times, thanks to the integration with Stripe.

60% Increase in Daily Active Users: User engagement metrics showed a notable increase in daily active users, reflecting the platform's effectiveness and user-friendly design.

35% Rise in Overall User Satisfaction: The comprehensive features and seamless experience led to a significant rise in overall user satisfaction.

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