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Our client, a startup, identified a significant opportunity in the market to streamline staffing and payroll processes for medical workers. The existing solutions were either non-existent or inefficient, leading to long processing times and frequent errors in payroll calculations. Managing staff, tracking applications, and coordinating multiple access for company accounts were time-consuming tasks that created administrative bottlenecks.

The startup needed a streamlined solution that could handle the unique requirements of the medical industry, including paid overtime calculations, company staff management, vacancy creation with flexible time slots, and application status tracking. The goal was to enhance operational efficiency, improve collaboration, and optimize staffing levels.


We developed a comprehensive freelancing platform tailored specifically for medical workers. This custom web development solution addressed the client's needs by automating and simplifying key processes. The platform included features for paid overtime calculation, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing. Company staff management tools allowed for efficient oversight and coordination of medical staff.

Multiple access for company accounts facilitated better management and security, while vacancy creation with several time slots provided flexibility in scheduling. Application status tracking ensured that both administrators and applicants could monitor the progress of job applications in real-time.

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Paid Overtime Calculation

The platform automates the calculation of paid overtime, reducing errors and ensuring accurate payroll processing.

Company Staff Management

Tools for managing staff allow for efficient oversight and coordination, enhancing operational efficiency.

Multiple Access for Company Accounts

The platform supports multiple access levels for company accounts, improving security and management capabilities.

Vacancy Creation with Several Time Slots

Flexible vacancy creation allows for the scheduling of job slots according to the organization's needs, optimizing staffing levels and coverage.

Application Status Tracking

Real-time tracking of application statuses helps both administrators and applicants stay informed, reducing communication gaps and enhancing transparency.

Our results

60% Reduction in Payroll Processing Time: The platform enabled a 60% reduction in time spent on payroll processing, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.

30% Improvement in Administrative Efficiency: The organization experienced a 30% improvement in collaboration and administrative efficiency, reducing bottlenecks in payroll and HR tasks.

50% Increase in Job Fill Rates: Hospitals using the platform saw a 50% increase in job fill rates, optimizing staffing levels and reducing gaps in coverage.

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