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My experience working with Maksym's shop, Neural Dynamics, was overwhelmingly positive. This was my first time navigating the RFP, design, development, and deployment process, and I think I was very lucky with finding Neural Dynamics and getting the chance to work with them. After several months, I have a fully functioning product which I'm working to scale. Neural Dynamics is full service; there isn't one area of the product development lifecycle that they were unable to execute at a high level. I approached Maksym with a very high-level product concept, one that several other developers deemed to be technically unfeasible. Maksym and his team helped me at the ideation stage to refine my product idea, and within a short period of time they proposed a solution which would involve developing a browser extension to accomplish the product's functionality, along with a Web App which would deliver an Analytics service to users. The design process was comprehensive. The Neural Dynamics designer took her time in understanding my target customer, and the design not only impressed me but has garnered excellent feedback from mentors and test clients. The ND team used Figma to develop high fidelity mocks of both the Application and the Sales website. They were flexible with my feedback, and took ownership over the quality of the design. The development process was executed using Agile / Scrum methodology. Within a few weeks we had a working prototype, and the Project Manager drove the project forward with outstanding attention to detail. Additionally, the technology choices made by Neural Dynamics were spot-on for building a scalable SaaS product. Their selection of tools and frameworks ensured that we could meet both current and future demands efficiently. I can't say enough good things about working for ND. They aren't the cheapest option on UpWork, but their rate is affordable when you consider the quality of professional you'll be working with, and the work that they ship. I plan to continue working closely with this team as I scale and iterate this product, and I hope to work with them in the future should I choose to develop other SaaS ideas. If you get the chance to work with ND, I recommend you do it. You'll learn a lot, get the chance to work with trustworthy and talented professionals, and you'll wind up with a competitive and modern product.

John Cooney


Our client, a dynamic startup from the USA, faced significant challenges in developing a productivity app that could handle real-time data tracking and integrate seamlessly with various tools. They needed an efficient solution to manage time spent analysis, generate CSV reports, and provide a robust admin panel for better management. Additionally, they required integration with a payment gateway to streamline transactions and a Chrome extension for real-time data tracking.

The lack of these features was hindering their ability to attract investors and prepare for their Seed round. They needed a scalable, user-friendly, and feature-rich MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to demonstrate their product's potential and ensure a successful launch.


We provided a comprehensive web development solution to create the SaaS Productivity App. This project involved building a personal dashboard for time spent analysis, enabling users to track their productivity efficiently. We also developed a feature for exporting CSV reports, allowing users to analyze and manage their data effectively.

The custom admin panel we designed offered extensive control over the app's functionalities, enhancing the management experience. Integration with Stripe as the payment gateway ensured seamless transaction processing. Additionally, we developed a Chrome extension for real-time data tracking, providing users with immediate insights into their productivity.

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Personal Dashboard with Time Spent Analysis

We developed a user-friendly personal dashboard that allows users to track and analyze the time spent on various tasks, enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

CSV Reports Export

The app includes a feature to export data as CSV reports, facilitating easy data management and analysis, crucial for understanding user productivity.

Custom Admin Panel

The custom admin panel provides extensive control over the app's features and settings, enhancing the management experience and ensuring smooth operations.

Stripe Integration

We integrated Stripe as the payment gateway, ensuring secure and seamless transactions, which is essential for managing subscriptions and payments efficiently.

Chrome Extension for Real-Time Data Tracking

The Chrome extension enables real-time data tracking, providing users with immediate insights into their productivity, allowing them to make informed decisions on the go.

Our results

We developed a robust MVP, positioning the client for their Seed round of investment, demonstrating the app’s potential to investors.

Prepared Platform for 5000+ Concurrent Users. The app was prepared to handle over 5000 concurrent users, ensuring scalability and reliability for a growing user base.

The app underwent a successful beta test with the first 50 users, demonstrating its functionality and user satisfaction, paving the way for a full launch.

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